How to Play Cribbage for Beginners

Learning how to play cribbage isn't difficult. Cribbage is a fun card game for two or more players that uses a peg board to keep score. Cards are played and grouped in combinations. If it sounds difficult to master, it's really not. Here's an easy guide to get started.
Begin with a cribbage board and a standard deck of playing cards. Remove the jokers from the deck. Players each need two pegs for scorekeeping. Basic cribbage boards store the pegs underneath the board.

Determine who serves as dealer by selecting a card from the deck. The player with the lower card will deal six cards to each player.
Look at the cards and determine the four to keep and the two for the discard pile known as the crib.

Cut the deck. The cut counts as a wild card that is worth points at the completion of a round. Turn up a Jack and reward the dealer with two points.

Alternate laying down cards. The non-dealer begins play. As a card is played, players say the value of the total. Face cards total 10 points and other cards receive their numeric value. Aces earn one point.

Continue until a player can't play a card without going over 31. At this point, the player says "go." If the other player can continue playing without turning 31, the player continues until she can't go over 31. When she plays cards without going over 31, she says -go' and receives one point. If the total equals 31, she gets two points.

Earn points in other ways and mark them on the board. When a player reaches 15 points, she receives two points. Card combinations earn points, also. A pair earns two points, triples add six points, and quadruples receive 12 points. The person playing the final card receives one point if the last card totals 31.

Count cards after all are played. The non-dealer adds first, followed by the dealer and the crib. In addition to the point totals already mentioned, a player receives four points if she holds a flush, four cards in the same suit. If the cards in the crib are the same suit, no points are taken unless the cut card is also the same suit, and then five points are scored.

Win the game by being the first player to peg out or go beyond the pegs on the board.

Cribbage is a fun game that, once learned, can become a family tradition.

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