Fun Card Games For Adults

So it's raining outside, or it's too cold or hot to think about venturing out of the house.  What do you do to pass the time?

Play card games, of course!  So what are some of the games you can play?

Obviously, there are too many for one article.  So here are several of the most popular games you can play with 2 people, or more:

UNO:  Uno is a very fast paced game that can change very quickly with 1 card play.  This game has actually just recently been released on the Playstation Network for download.  Your goal is to get rid of all 7 of your cards before your opponent, and of course not forgetting to say "Uno" when you are down to only 1 card.  You can play 1 hand, or play to a predetermined score.  UNO is a very good family game, but also a great game for groups too.

Phase 10:  Getting its roots from rummy, Phase 10 has 10 "phases" which must be completed to win the game (and in the event of a tie, with the least amount of points accumulated during the game).  Players use Wild cards to fill in the holes in their hand and "Skip" cards to gain the upper hand.  Again, this is also a very easy game to play, but involves a lot of strategy to win consistently.

Rummy:  A little simpler than Phase 10, Rummy's goal is for you to lay all of your cards down in either sets of 3, runs of 3 or both, using a standard 52 card deck.  A variation, Gin Rummy, forces you to hold onto all of your cards until you can lay them all down at once.

Skip Bo:  Another very popular card game, the goal of Skip Bo is to get rid of your stockpile before your opponents by making plays in the center playing field to play your card.  This game can be confusing at first, but also is very deep in strategy and a lot of fun as most games come down to the final few cards.

Rook:  A more popular game in years past, Rook also has its roots in Rummy, with some Bridge elements built in.  Each team bids until the other passes, and then must make that bid or be "set" the number of points in their bid.  It gets its name from the "rook" card in the deck, which is usually used by the winning bidder to "swoop" in and take point cards when no "trump" cards are on the board, because it is the weakest trump.

Poker:  There are probably as many variations as poker as their are colors you could paint your house, but probably the most popular are draw and Texas Hold Em'. Draw Poker is what it sound like; you're dealt 5 cards and then can discard/"draw" up to 4 to make your best 5 card poker hand.  In Texas Hold Em', each player is dealt 2 cards, and 5 cards are flipped over in the middle (community cards) that all players use to make their best 5 card hand.

This just scratches the surface of the number of card games that are out there, but by playing one or more of these games, you can have a great time!

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