How to Win the Pitch Card Game

Winning the pitch card game doesn't mean you have to win the bid. Strategic plays during the game help secure a victory.

Playing the Pitch Card Game
Each player receives six cards, which are dealt three at a time. Players bid two to four tricks, and the winning bidder names which suit is trump. If all players pass, the player to the dealer's left must bid the minimum. The first card played shows what suit is trump. Each player lays a trump card unless he doesn't have any. The winner of the first trick leads the second trick, and may play any suit. Trump may be thrown at any time.

Scoring the Pitch Card Game
Scoring depends on the variant of pitch you play, but certain card basics carry over to each type of game. Basically, points are scored for the high, low, jack, and game. The high trump is worth one point to the person who played the card. The low trump awards one point to the person playing it. The jack trump results in a point scored for the person who wins the trick the jack was played in. The game point, worth one, goes to the player who earns the highest number of points.

To total points for the game point, each card is worth a set amount:

  • Tens are worth 10 apiece
  • Aces equal four points each
  • Kings bring three points
  • Queens earn two points
  • Jacks are worth one point

The player with the most game points wins the game point. In case of a tie, this point is not given. Players earn points even if they weren't the high bidder.

If a player wins the bid and does not earn enough points, the player goes set and loses the amount of points they bid from their total.

Changing the Pitch Card Game
Several variants of the pitch card game exist. In some games, each player receives nine cards. In other variants, points are awarded for different cards, including the off jack, both jokers, the final trick, and the three.

No matter which version of the pitch card game you play, this trick-taking card game relies on strategy to win.

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