How to Play Solitaire Card Games

Try learning how to play solitaire card games if you are looking for a game that you can play by yourself. Solitaire is easy to learn and has many variations so that you can keep challenging yourself as times goes on. You don't even have to have a deck of cards handy to play solitaire. You can find free solitaire card games to play online.

Classic Solitaire or Klondike Solitaire Card Games
To play classic solitaire, start by dealing out seven cards face down in separate piles. Then, the next deal would begin with the column second-to-the-left with six cards placed face down in the next six separate piles. The third deal starts on the third-to-the-left column with five cards down. Continue to deal out in this manner until you finish the seventh pile with one card face down. Set the remaining cards, or your stock pile, aside, face down.

Turn up the top card on each pile.

The object of the game is to compile the four suits separately in stack piles, running from the ace as the lowest card to the king as the highest card, of each of the four suits.

Look at your face-up cards to start to play. You can move any face up card to an opposite color card of a higher value. For example, you can move a red six to a black seven, and then a black five onto the red six. At this point, the suit doesn't matter.

Every time that you use a top card, turn the card below it face up and try to use it.

If you run through a column pile, you can only fill in the space with a king taken either from the top of another column pile or from your stock.

If you get an ace, put it in an area reserved for the four stack piles. For example, if you turn up the ace of spades, use it to start the stack pile for spades. Then, when you turn the two of spades, place it on top of that ace.

When you run out of first round plays, turn to your stock. Turn over the first three cards. Use the top card if you can. If you can use the second card, do it. If the third card works, place it on the appropriate column or pile. Then, take three more cards off of the stock pile and repeat the process.

If you can't use the top card, place all three cards face-up in a discard pile. If you can only use the top card, put the second two cards down face-up. If you can only use two cards, put the third card face up in your discard pile.

After you have run through your stock pile the first time, turn your discards over and use them as your stock pile, turning them over three at a time.

The game is over when you can't make any more moves or you have separated your cards into the four complete suits.

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