How to Set Up a Checkerboard

The checkerboard has changed, but game of checkers is over 4000 years old. There are records of checkers being played in ancient Egypt and Greece. In England, the game of checkers is called "draughts."

According to mathematicians, there are over 1020 legal positions on the checker board.

Geometry Of A Checker Board
The checker board is divided into eight rows and eight columns. The 64 squares of a checker board are alternately colored light and dark. Although the dark color may be black, brown or red and the light color may be white or tan, the colors are usually referred to as black and white.

When correctly laying out a checker board, the lowest right-hand square should always be white.

Positioning Your Checker Pieces
Each player has 12 disk-shaped playing pieces. To correctly set up your checker pieces, each player should place a single checker piece on each of the black squares in the first three rows closest to the player.

Checker Notation
In tournament play and in books and articles on checkers, the positions of the checker board are labeled using checker notation. In checker notation the black squares of the checker board are numbered 1 to 32, beginning at the upper left of the board and numbering left to right, top to bottom.

To make note of a move, the number of the beginning square is combined with the number of the ending square with a hyphen in between. 18-23 would denote a move from the 23rd square to the 18th square.

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