A battle of the minds, a display of skill and strategy, players formulate tactics and methods in which their sole purpose is to conquer their opponents king. Brutal as it may sound, chess is a game of the mind, a game for intellectuals to entertain themselves. It is a game in which players must foresee all moves prior to the action, it requires' players to have good concentration and above all patients. What makes chess such a dynamic games is the tactics in which players use to win games. A few tactics players use when trying to win games include either playing defensively or offensively. Players who use defensive tactics while playing tend to let their opponents come to them and in the event they make a mistake a swiftly conducted counter attack with the element of surprise will take place. However Offensive tacticians tend to be preemptive in their method of playing; they choose to strike first with hope that their persistent attacks will leave their opponent stressed and confused.

Derived from a much older game that is of Indian origin, the modern form of chess emerged sometime during mid-fifteenth century in Europe. Since then chess has been somewhat of a sensation for people from all walks of life. Since its inception in the early days theoretician have formulated strategies and tactics for winning games. As time went by scientist also became fascinated with the game, they developed computers that are able to play chess and are almost unbeatable at times. But what makes the game of chess really stand out is the fact that anyone has the capacity to become good at the game.  It is a game where one should never underestimate his/her opponent, for it will lead to their demise.

 Apart from everything else, chess is a great past time activity in which people can entertain themselves with; it can be played anywhere and with anyone who shows interest. Beside the recreational aspects of the game it is also a good mental exercise to stimulate ones brain every so often.


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