Simple Dart Throwing Techniques

By learning easy dart throwing techniques, you will be more likely to hit your targets and score more points. Throwing darts requires skill, and these techniques can help you improve your aim.

Check Your Darts
Inspect your darts carefully to make sure that the tips are straight. Bent tips won't stick to the board, and they will also throw the dart off-target. Be sure the shafts are screwed tightly to the tips of the darts. Loose shafts can cause the darts to fall apart, which will make your throw invalid. Be sure the flights are well balanced to carry the dart in the direction of your aim. Flights that are off-center will affect the trajectory of your throw, causing the dart to skew in a different direction from that which you intended.

Balance Yourself
Before you throw, be sure you are standing straight and balanced on both feet. Get comfortable because you should not have tension in your shoulders or upper body. Some players raise a foot when throwing, but those who throw well do so without leaning or losing balance. Leaning throws you off balance and will affect your throw.

Hold And Release
Hold the dart straight and level, and aim at your target. Then look at the target. Extend the arm toward the dartboard without leaning forward, and release the dart all at once, without rolling your hand to one side or another to keep it straight. Follow through by extending the arm directly toward the dart board after the dart is released. Throw the dart as you would a baseball, evenly and without spin.

Pay Attention
Watch other players, including those who play well and those who don't. You can learn a lot from observation. Apply the techniques that work to your own methods. Always watch out for other players before you make a throw to play safely. Darts are sharp, so safety is important.

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