Game Review : Edgar Allen Poe Murders in the Rue Morgue Collectors Edition


As an avid Poe fan, this hoped to be an exciting game. The game costs $19.95 and it currently the best selling game at It is a combination hidden object and puzzle game.

Graphics: The graphics are very well done. While many of the hidden objects were quite easy to find, some were very difficult. All of the objects looked like the objects they should. The scenes were as expected for a Poe story.

Storyline: The story is that you are trying to solve a murder that occurred in the Rue Morgue and locate a missing woman. The storyline is similar to, but not as gruesome as the actual Poe story ?"The Murders in the Rue Morgue?" although if you are familiar with Poe?'s story, you will know who the culprit is.

Difficulty: This game was not very difficult if you are familiar with hidden objects games and puzzle games. It was easy to find most of the objects in the hidden object puzzles. There was a lot of moving from room to room to solve the puzzles, but overall, they were not extremely difficult. There is a hint button for all hidden picture scenes and a skip button for all puzzles. The overall time that it took to complete the game was somewhat disappointing.

Age: While the scenes are not graphic or violent, the story and some of the scenes can be scary to small children. It is necessary that children be able to read in order to play the game as the clues are not in audio.

Extras: Once completing the game, an extra smaller game open up. By completing the extra game, you have access to some special features. The special features were disappointing as they were songs from the game and wallpaper.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5


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