Improve Your Mind With Scrabble

If you think that ScrabbleR is just like any other game, think again. Your skill level doesn't influence how you can improve your mind playing Scrabble. It's a top board game favorite not only because it's fun, but because people who play it learn new words and their definitions, improve their memory and language skills, and exercise their mind muscles almost like they do their legs when they take a walk.

If you haven't already discovered the benefits of playing this game, the following reasons may motivate you to get started.

Vocabulary builder

You will learn new words devised by other players. Because you'll want to check to be sure that unfamiliar words are actually in the dictionary, you will learn the word's definition at the same time. Playing Scrabble is a fun way for kids to expand their vocabulary and a way for aging adults to fuel their brain power.

Sharpens mind math

Each letter tile has a numerical value, and each player tries to make a word that will give them the highest possible point value. No one wants to look silly with a pencil and paper doing basic addition. Scrabble forces players to make quick addition and multiplication if they want to win the game.

Improves concentration and memory

Regular game play encourages new brain patterns and the formation of complex neural networks. As brain power increases and game skills sharpen, concentration and long-term memory skills also benefit. Your brain is like the rest of your body: When it's exercised and functioning optimally, long-term mental health is improved. Without activity and stimulation, the human brain might degenerate and could actually resist learning and remembering new information.

There is every reason to improve your mind with Scrabble and zero reasons not to give the game a try. If you like it, you can expand your social horizons beyond just a few family members. If you join a club, you'll discover beneficial social interactions and a competitive spirit that will also help to improve your mind.

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