Simple Strategies When You Play Scrabble Online

If you love playing Scrabble with friends in the flesh, you will love to play Scrabble online. Brush up on your wordplay skill with these tips for winning the game of online Scrabble.

Take Your Time: Often, when playing Scrabble online you may only need to make one play per day or per week. Don't rush! Take your time to find the highest scoring option without having to contend with your opponents staring you down from across the table. Online Scrabble may be your chance to finally get that bingo, and the 50 bonus points that come along with it.

Take Advantage of the Resources: Some may call this cheating, but frequent online Scrabble players know it's just the nature of the game. Your opponent is miles away and you've got Google at your fingertips. At the most basic, you're able to confirm words and spellings in an online Scrabble dictionary. Take it a step further and you find Scrabble cheat sites that will take your letters and create combinations that will work with the letters already on the board.

Make a Cheat Sheet: While traditional Scrabble masters memorize 2- and 3-letter words as well as frequently used word combinations, suffixes and prefixes, you can keep the list on your desktop to refer to. Find one on the Web or make your own.

Stick to Classic Strategies: Online Scrabble is really the same game as traditional Scrabble. So the skills and strategies you use on board translate to the computer. Remember to play defensively, always go for the colored squares and use high point valued tiles wisely.

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