Scrabble Hints That Will Lead You to Victory

With a few Scrabble hints, you can improve your score enough to rise to victory. If you're a Scrabble novice and can't call yourself a wordsmith, it can be a challenging game. But don't think winning is out of your reach! 

Big scores are better than big words: Just because you've come up with a creative 6-letter word, that doesn't mean it'll score more points than a basic 4-letter word. It's all about placement and the letters involved. When you get a high point value letter like a V or an X, don't consider it a burden; consider it an opportunity. Even if you can only come up with short word, if it allows you to place your high scoring letter on a double or triple letter or word score, you'll rack up major points.

Start with the ending: Remember that many words end in s, ed or ly. Look for words that have already been played on the board that could accommodate these letters. Better yet, look for high scoring opportunities. You should also consider word endings that can completely change a word. For example, place could become placement or when could become whenever.

Shuffle and reshuffle: Chances are you'll have several great words on your rack at any given time. If you can't see one, shuffle your letters. Simply seeing the tiles in a new order could spark something you didn't see before. And exchanging your tiles for new ones wastes a turn and an important scoring opportunity.

Get smart about placing the last letters: Don't set yourself up for a negative point disaster with a rack of tiles at the end of game play. Learn some simple strategies for how to sneak all of your letters on to the board so no points need to be subtracted from your score. This means looking up and memorizing a few good 2- and 3-letter words.

Know your opponents: Look around at the other players. Who has the best vocabulary? The best poker face? It may sound like cheating, but if you can get away with fake words (nothing too far fetched!) or spot a bluffer to win a challenge, you can get ahead.

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