Where to Find Glass Blowing Supplies

Finding glass blowing supplies is one of the first things to do if you are learning the art of glass blowing. Glass blowing is a rather expensive hobby, as there are a lot of specialized supplies and equipment you need to purchase.

Glass Blowing Supply Basics
If you are serious about this craft and wish to build your own glass-blowing studio, you will need to purchase a furnace, an annealer, tools and safety equipment, as well as glass rods and other supplies. If you work in someone else's studio, you won't need a furnace and you may have access to tools, but you will still need to purchase the rest of your supplies, and you'll need your own safety equipment.

Locating Glass Blowing Supplies
Luckily the Internet makes it easier than ever to find the supplies you need. There are many glass blowing supply companies in cyberspace. Here are a few to get you started.

  • http://www.waleapparatus.com
  • http://www.glass-supply.com
  • http://www.glasscolor.com
  • http://www.sundanceglass.com/supplies.htm
  • http://www.generationsglass.com
  • http://www.crloo.com
  • http://www.winshipdesigns.com
  • http://www.hubglass.com
  • http://www.roachindustries.com
  • http://www.visionarysupplies.com
  • http://www.hotglasscolor.com

Most of the online resources listed here also operate brick-and-mortar stores. If you are fortunate enough to live near one of them, try visiting them; that way, you have the advantage of being able to see before you buy.

If you do not have a glass supply company near by, you may still be able to find glass blowing supplies in your neighborhood. Many large craft stores sell some glass blowing supplies, including tools, safety equipment and glass rods. Most do not sell larger equipment, such as kilns, and you may find only a small selection of glass, so you won't have as many choices as when you're shopping online or at a specialty glass supply shop. They can be a handy resource for tools and safety gear when you're in a pinch.

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