Creating Mosaic Mirrors

Would you like to dress up a room or two without spending a lot of money? Creating unique mosaic mirrors might be right up your alley.

Mosaic Art Supplies
An essential supply when creating this piece of art is a mirror. The only requirement is that the mirror has a flat surface. The mirror itself can be any shape that you like, including round, square, oval, etc.

Choose your tiles. You may prefer to stay within one color range, using complementary colors or picking contrasting colors. You can also use old ceramic plates if you like and break them into irregular pieces using a tile or glass nipper. In fact, you can create irregular shapes using this tool on your tile pieces as well.

You will need a bonding agent like a ceramic tile adhesive, silicone or regular glue. Check labels before you purchase your bonding agent to make sure that your tiles, whether glass or ceramic, will adhere to your mirror.

You will also need grout to fill between your tiles. Grout comes in different colors, so pick the one that you think would look best on your mosaic. You may also be able to find pre-mixed grout if you don't want to fuss with mixing it yourself.

Creating Mosaic Mirrors
If you want your mirror to have a specific pattern, draw the pattern on the mirror using a pencil. Make sure that you keep track of where your different colors will be placed, particularly if your pattern is complex.

You can apply your bonding agent in two ways. If you are using a random pattern, lay your glue in small areas, using a spatula or putty knife. If you are following a pattern, it might be easier to glue your tile piece by piece.

After your project is complete, let it dry according to your bonding agent's instructions.

Mix your grout according to its instructions. Fill in all of the cracks between your tiles. Gently wipe away any excess grout with a clean, damp sponge. Rinse out the sponge. Let the grout sit for about 20 minutes and wipe the mosaic down again to remove any chalky residue. Let your mosaic dry completely based on your grout's instructions.

You now have a mosaic masterpiece that you created yourself.

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