Design a Mosaic Picture Frame

Check out how to design a mosaic picture frame if you would like to add some pizzazz to a picture frame, either for yourself or as a special gift. A nice thing about a mosaic picture frame is that you do not have to be particularly crafty in order to create a beautiful frame.

Mosaic Art Supplies
Mosaic art supplies for this project do not have to break the bank-another attractive feature of making a mosaic picture frame. You can mosaic a picture frame of any size that has a flat surface. You will need mosaic tiles or Venetian glass tiles in different colors of your choice. Glue or silicone, depending on the frame and mosaic material you are using, will bond the tiles and frame together. If you want to mosaic a larger frame, grout can give your mosaic a more finished appearance. A small plastic top or cap will come in handy to hold your glue or silicone before you apply it to the tiles. You will also need a piece of paper at least as large as your frame.

Pre-Planned Mosaic Picture Frame Design
Clear your work space. Take the piece of paper and trace the outline of the frame onto it. Place the frame aside.

Combine different colors and patterns on the paper until you find the style that you like the best. If you are operating with a grid pattern, you can also pencil the grids onto the frame to make your job easier. Pour some glue or silicone onto the lid. Then, dab your bonding agent onto the back of a tile and place it on the frame. Repeat based on your pattern until the frame is completed. Let the frame dry.

Don't forget that you can use the wood as a tile in your pattern by leaving the appropriate sized space open.

Go Wild With Your Mosaic Picture Frame Design
If you want to have some real fun, don't plan your mosaic in advance. Just start to glue your mosaic tiles onto the frame without a pre-sketched design. You may find that you repeat a pattern from time to time, or not. You might like one color of tile in the corners and chaos elsewhere. The joy of this kind of mosaic is that you will end up with something that is incredibly unique and totally you.

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