Eye-Catching Mosaic Art Patterns

If you are looking for eye-catching mosaic art patterns, the sky is almost the limit. Just look around at the nature and art that surround you and you will discover incredible ideas for your next mosaic tile art project. If you are unsure about your talents, you have other avenues to create beautiful tile artwork.

Free Mosaic Tile Patterns
You can find a multitude of free patterns online. They range from butterflies to art deco patterns for both glass and tiles. In addition, there are also designs that are created for a specific project like mosaic frames. You can also take these free patterns and modify them based on your preferences and tastes.

Purchased Patterns
If you would like, you can also purchase patterns for mosaic tile art. You will find more pattern variety for sale when compared to those that are free. In addition, you can buy software that you can use to create a myriad of designs. You can buy patterns both online or at your local craft store.

Create Your Own Pattern
You don't have to be a great artist to create your own patterns and designs. Get a piece of paper the size of your project and start playing around with your tile colors until you find a pattern that you like. Repeat throughout your project. You now have a pattern that is unique to you.

Freewheeling Mosaic Tile Art
If you want to really fly with your project, don't use a pattern at all. You can take tiles of any size and color and mix and match them according to your own rules. One rule may simply be that no given color can touch another tile of the same color.

Another terrific idea is to put different tiles into a bag and then hammer them into different sized pieces. You can then reassemble the different sizes and colors at your pleasure. For more drama, instead of hammering the tile into pieces, throw the tile into the air and let gravity take over.

Whether you start with a pattern or throw tiles into the air, your mosaic tile art project is sure to be a winner.


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