How to Make Mosaic Tile Stepping Stones

Not only are mosaic stepping stones attractive, but making mosaic stepping stones can be a fun, inexpensive crafting project for you.

Mosaic Art Supplies
You probably own molds right now and don't even know it. Do you have plastic food containers or the plastic saucers that you place underneath flower pots? These can make terrific molds for stepping stones. However, don't pick out a container that is too small. Remember, you are supposed to be able to step on the stone, although you may only be using your stones for decorative purposes.

Another mold option is to purchase molds in the shapes that you like online or at your local craft store.

You will also need cement for your stones. Look at quick setting concrete. If there are a lot of larger stones or pebbles in the mix, remove the bigger ones. If you don't want to waste the time doing this step next time, make a note to buy a more expensive grade. Another option is to buy stepping stone concrete, although this will be more expensive.

You will also need a little help to remove your stones from the molds. You have to grease down your molds with petroleum jelly before you pour your concrete.

What can you use for your mosaics? The sky is almost the limit. You can use ceramic tiles, glass tiles, pebbles or shells. Try marbles, marble pieces or beads. Mix and match to your heart's content.

You will also need a bucket for the concrete, a measuring cup for measuring, a large spoon or paint stick for mixing and a few damp rags for wiping. Don't forget rubber gloves for your hands and protection for your feet, face and arms. Concrete is toxic and can burn your skin.

Another option, if you want to skip all of the fuss of putting together your ingredients, is to choose one of the many mosaic tile kits that are available for sale.

How to Make a Mosaic Stepping Stone
Prepare your mold and mix your concrete according to instructions. Fill your mold about three inches high. Now is the time to get rid of any air bubbles in your concrete. To do this, tap the sides and the bottom of your mold or shake the mold very gently.

Wait until the concrete starts to set, between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the temperature and humidity in the area in which you live. Start to place your tiles/shells/marbles/pebbles directly into the concrete. If you make a mistake, take the piece out and smooth the concrete with a spoon.

Let the stone cure according to instructions, usually two to three days. After removing the stone from the mold, you can paint your stone or seal it if you like.

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