Ideas for Making Stained Glass Art

Making stained glass art is a challenging and fun craft, which allows you to create a wide variety of beautiful projects. You can create everything form a small, simple stained-glass window hanging to a huge window. While most larger projects require skills that take many years to acquire, there are plenty of projects out there that are simple enough for beginners.

A good place to start is with a beginner stained-glass kit, which typically includes all the tools, glass and patterns you will need to complete your first few projects. You can purchase the tools and supplies on your own as well, which is sometimes more economical, as you can just buy what you need for the project you are interested in making.

Here are some ideas for some great beginner projects.

  • Stained-glass sun catcher. This is perhaps the simplest of all stained-glass projects. When looking for a pattern for your first sun catcher, look for a simple design in a square or rectangular shape. Many of the patterns available online will specify the skill level necessary to complete the project successfully. offers hundreds of patterns, along with tips on how to assemble stained-glass projects.
  • Stained glass panels. If you're ready to tackle something bigger than a sun catcher, you can try your hand at making a stained-glass panel, which can be used as a window, in a cabinet door or simply as a lovely decorative accent in your home. As with sun catchers, it's best to find a simple design. Look online for beginner patterns without too many small details.
  • Stained glass box. A handcrafted stained-glass box makes a lovely gift. While a three-dimensional project may seem really difficult, it's really just six small panels put together. While it does take a bit of patience to achieve this, it's not really that complicated. There are many patterns available online for beginner stained-glass boxes.

Finding simple beginner projects is a great way to hone your glass-working skills while creating lovely items for yourself and your family. If you're just beginning to explore stained glass, consider buying a complete project kit that contains the glass and fittings needed to assemble a piece. This will help you learn about the process without making a huge investment in glass and tools.

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