How to Make Stained Glass Jewelry

Learning how to make stained glass jewelry is not hard, but it can involve some dangerous elements. For one, glass shards.

When cutting stained glass, bits and shards of glass can break off and become embedded in carpets and clothing and literally fly across the room. To keep from harming yourself or anyone else, it's important that you wear safety glasses and gloves if possible. Always be very careful not to cut your hands on the rough edges of the glass as you work with it.

When working with glass, always section off a specialized work area away from children and separate from food preparation areas. Remember always to have stained glass tools on hand as well. One item that is needed is a glass grinder to grind down the edges of the stained glass. And, because wire is used, it's important to be careful not to poke yourself of anyone else with the wire.

Decorative stained glass bits can be cut from antique items found in attics and second-hand stores or can be purchased from many jewelry making companies. You can buy stained glass bits that are already set in foil with loops attached. While it takes less than ten minutes to make a pair of earrings with earwires and a few beads, when it comes to cutting glass the time will at least doubled.

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