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Popular Articles
Play the Scrabble game with your child and get ready for impressive gains in vocabulary and strategic thinking.
By Julie Knapp
If you want to learn how to make a crazy quilt project, try using this easy free quilt pattern to create a crazy pillow for your family or friends.
By Lynn H. Castille
Macrame is one of the most versatile techniques in the crafting world, but it fell into disuse for many years. Since its resurgence, macrame has been largely pigeonholed in...click here for more.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Japanese masks are the key to Noh theater and beautiful collectibles in their own right.
By Laura Evans
A wooden towel rack is one of the best woodworking projects for the beginner. This easy project creates a simple, practical item that you'll be proud to install in your bathroom.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
The rules of billiards have a lot of variations, but this basic set of rules applies to almost every game. 
By Dachary Carey
Just how old is the concept behind the game Monopoly? The answer might surprise you.
By Marie Lorraine
There have been a few masked magicians, but the Masked Magician is famous illusionist Val Valentino.
By Shelly Barclay
Flower photography is a great way to preserve the beauty of vibrant flowers for lasting enjoyment. A gorgeous field of wild flowers or a lovely flower garden begs to have its picture taken.
By Sandra Bynum
Beginning coin collecting can be daunting for the newbie, but a little hand-holding will get you through the terrifying early stages.
By Jackson Tremont
Once you understand the principle behind knit I-cord, you will find this simple and easy project will let your imagination gallop free in designing fun, funky or plain utilitarian shoelaces for all of the shoes in your home.
By Theresa Lansberry
Coin collecting is a popular hobby but the key to compiling a great collection is to understand which coins are valuable.
By Simon Wright
Learning how to knit slippers is a great choice if you want to make hand-knit gifts that are easy and enjoyable to knit, and won't require you to invest large sums of money.
By Kelly Herdrich
Polymer clay projects are a fun and easy craft and also extremely versatile: You can create colorful polymer clay jewelry, decorative kitchenware, home accents, bowls and vases, beads, dolls or figurines.
By Life123 Editors
If you want to master the art of the game, it's essential to learn proper backgammon board set up.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
One of the big advantages of learning how to make jewelry is that you can whip up unique gifts. It's always touching to receive a piece of jewelry that was made specifically for you. Jewelry making is also an easy way to guarantee a gift is always one-of-a-kind.
By Aysha Schurman
Instead of cutting images out of magazines, books, newspapers or old photographs, you can use printable decoupage papers.
By Lisa Bower
If you'd like to learn how to make oatmeal soap, you can do so by following these simple instructions.
By Rachel Mork
Sculpture is an ancient art form, with different types found throughout history created by artists from nearly every culture. This unique form of art results in three-dimen...click here for more.
By Amber Hilton
By collecting a few simple supplies and learning a couple of basic knots, you can attempt to duplicate beautifully crafted macrame patterns for purses found in stores and online right in your own home.
By Kristen Oliveri
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