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Popular Articles
Making tie dye shirts is easy and fun. It's a great project you can do with kids -- and the shirt becomes a keepsake of the time your spent together.
By jbosavage
These rubber stamping ideas are fun with just the right amount of challenge.
By Laura Evans
Learn about the physics of optical illusions: optics, the brain and more.
By Laura Evans
Gather up your photographs. These picture collage ideas will have you turning out exciting collages in no time at all.
By Laura Evans
These beginning quilling instructions offer an easy entry to a new scrapbooking or crafting technique. Quilling is a paper-coiling art that uses brightly colored paper to create imaginative decorations.
By Teresa Hall
Origami crafts aren't just about creating simple creatures or designs from origami paper. There are dozens of other interesting origami facts, including those that have broken world records and left historians stunned.
By Rachel Krech
You don't need sophisticated camera equipment to take better digital pictures, you just need to follow a few basic guidelines for distance and light and be willing to take several shots to better the chances of getting the one you want.
By Sandra Bynum
American Indian masks hold ritual and spiritual significance even today.
By Laura Evans
Freaky optical illusions should be in any magician's bag of tricks.
By Laura Evans
The game is slightly different when you play Scrabble online.
By Julie Knapp
When you bid at antique auctions, your notebook and calculator are your best friends. Note the items you're interested in, their lot numbers and the maximum bid for each that you're willing to pay to avoid making costly mistakes.
By Laura Evans
Making earrings is a wonderful gateway jewelry crafting process. If you want to turn this into a serious hobby, it is a good idea to follow basic tips for this kind of endeavor.
By Jennifer Maughan
You don't have to be an arts and crafts master to learn how to make homemade soap. Depending on what kind of soap you want to make and how much effort you want to put forth, you can find a soap making technique that works for you.
By Rachel Mork
Clay art projects are great for kids, because they can get their hands dirty making something creative.
By Jenney Cheever
Many of the facts concerning origami history are considered debatable. This is because the same ephemeral qualities that make origami so prized also ensured that early examples of the craft did not survive the ravages of time.
By Rachel Krech
Wondering how to draw Mickey Mouse? Recreating one of the world's most beloved characters in your own notebook is easier than you might think.
By Rebecca Frank
Consumers are faced with a dazzling array of features when it comes to shopping for digital camcorders. How many megapixels should you have? Should you have digital zoom or optical zoom? What type of storage media is best?  
By Dachary Carey
You'll be replacing table saw brushes once every few years, because these parts wear out during normal operation of your saw.
By Dachary Carey
Simple tatting patterns can help beginners be more successful at this hobby. Beginners should start with an easy project, such as a bookmark, small fish decorations or a flower pendant.
By Alice Langholt
Making paper kites at home is a project that your whole family can enjoy. The secret is that you can have fun making paper kites even if you don't have kids.
By Laura Evans
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