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The history of  Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski crystal jewelry begins with birth of Daniel Swarovski on October 24, 1862, in Georgenthal, Bohemia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
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Learn about the life of this important American president whose accomplishments earned his face a spot on a piece of U.S. currency in 1909.
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Antique bottles, despite or, perhaps, because of their fragility, are among the most collectible antiques.
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Authentic turn of the century spun glass is prized by collectors, because few of the original pieces have survived.
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Sculpture is an ancient art form, with different types found throughout history created by artists from nearly every culture. This unique form of art results in three-dimen...click here for more.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing and the anchor for this creative art, the sewing machine. Sitting at this machine can take you away in a dream of creativity, hours that you will treasure as you sew to your hearts content. There are a variety of sewing machines on the market and I would not begin to recommend one over another.
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Learn the history of Sarah Coventry jewlery and why it's still popular even today.
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Why go to the kiosk at the store? Chances are that you've got everything you need to make photo greeting cards at home.
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