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Popular Articles
If you're one of the lucky few who have realized the thrill of coin collecting, you might want to learn about the history of US coins.
By Courtney Ramirez
Learn the defining characteristics of a slot machine and the two most popular types of slot machines found in Las Vegas.
By Stephanie Banfield
Chinese kites are artworks even before they take flight. Learn how to make one with these simple steps.
By Julie Knapp
When making double crochet stitches, the stitch used to decrease the total number of stitches in the row is the half double crochet stitch. This stitch is sometimes called double decrease crochet.
By HS Schulte
Simple tatting patterns can help beginners be more successful at this hobby. Beginners should start with an easy project, such as a bookmark, small fish decorations or a flower pendant.
By Alice Langholt
Knowing some tips and landscape painting techniques can help you with your own artwork. Landscape painting is a vital art that calls out to painters both amateur and professional.
By Laura Evans
Since dart rules are easy to understand, you can get a fun game of darts going in no time.
By Alice Langholt
A pincushion is handy to have in your sewing area, in sewing baskets, on the end table and in your sewing bag or kit. You don't have to feel guilty for having too many. There is no such thing.
By Lynn H. Castille
There are a number of variations of the official rules of euchre. See which one you like the best!
By Laura Evans
Origami crafts aren't just about creating simple creatures or designs from origami paper. There are dozens of other interesting origami facts, including those that have broken world records and left historians stunned.
By Rachel Krech
Learning how to hook rug is relatively easy to master. Rug hooking is one of the traditional crafts that can be environmentally friendly and leave you with a beautiful, useable piece of art. 
By Laura Evans
Today, many people associate Nemadji Pottery with Native American crafts. This is not the case. Nemadji pottery was actually produced by children of Scandinavian immigrants.
By Laura Evans
Learn how to make simple crochet flowers and get tips for securing them to your projects.
By Helen Polaski
The value of a magazine is based on its age, condition, popularity and scarcity.
By Starla Ross
The Game of Life is a classic opportunity to strategically optimize your luck.
By LuAnn Schindler
There are more than 40 variations of the game of darts, not counting lesser known regional and house variations. Of that staggering total, there are basically only 11 games...click here for more.
By Grace Alexander
Knitting needles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they are made from several kinds of materials.
By Julie Knapp
Crochet edging can be made with the most basic crochet stitches and it gives any project a more polished look.
By L. Lee Scott
For some fantastic ideas to make a collage, you need only look as far as your own personality and lifestyle. In fact, sometimes the simpler patterns are the best.
By Helen Polaski
Artistic painting techniques can seem mysterious and difficult for beginners, but a little practice makes them seem like second nature.
By Laura Evans
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