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Popular Articles
Gather up your photographs. These picture collage ideas will have you turning out exciting collages in no time at all.
By Laura Evans
Not only are mosaic stepping stones attractive, but making mosaic stepping stones can be a fun, inexpensive crafting project for you.
By Laura Evans
These famous magicians range from the medieval to the modern. Learn about these magicians' beginnings and the tricks that made them famous.
By Laura Evans
Learn how to make a simple origami cat face and get tips for adding extra features to your paper cats. 
By Helen Polaski
English paper piecing is an old technique often associated with patchwork quilts. Because this method of piecing is so time consuming and cumbersome, a lot of people avoid patchwork.
By Lynn H. Castille
The patterns look complicated, yet once you start filet crochet, you'll be surprised at how easy this craft truly is.
By L. Lee Scott
If you are going to be working with beading patterns, it is important to know how to read these patterns before you begin.
By Julie Knapp
With a few simple glass etching designs and tools, you can create terrific gifts for your family and friends, as well as add spice to your home.
By Laura Evans
Learning how to tie dye jeans is a great way to make your old pieces of clothing new again.
By Lisa Bower
Have you ever wanted to go to an auction? Are you unsure about how they work?
By Conny Manero
You know that there are hundreds of quilting designs available to you whether you make handmade quilts, use a sewing machine to create your quilts or use a combination of both hands and machine.
By Laura Evans
Learning how to win at slot machines requires knowing how the machines work, so that you can maximize your odds of finding one that will pay out.
By Alice Langholt
There are many two player card games that you and your companion can enjoy.
By Laura Evans
Doing some simple Christmas sewing projects can save you money and add spice to your home during the holiday season.
By Laura Evans
Absorb a few blackjack instructions before you head to the casino. Seasoned gamblers look down on blackjack players who don't know what they are doing.
By Tony Moschetto
Learn how to tie dye shirts to dress up that old shirt in your closet. You can buy a new shirt to tie dye, or you can choose to tie dye shirts that have been forgotten in your dresser drawers.
By Lisa Bower
Consider learning how to make bath bombs if you're looking for a fun homemade gift for friends and relatives.
By Rachel Mork
Vintage Madame Alexander dolls remain highly collectible in today's market despite, or perhaps due to, the popularity of the line's contemporary dolls.
By Laura Evans
Anyone and everyone can learn how to create online photo albums. By following a few techniques, you can make your online photo album vibrant, entertaining and enticing.
By Kelly Spies
Tips on needlepoint for those who are just beginning or who have a little experience.
By Martha Patterson
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