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Popular Articles
For the serious card maker, there are some essential card making supplies that you must have on hand before starting a projec
By Helen Polaski
The joy of altered books is that it's not difficult to find great altered book ideas, especially since there are no definitive altered book instructions.
By Laura Evans
To make homemade Easter cards, you first need to think about the holiday. What does Easter mean to you and what does it mean to the recipient of the card?
By Helen Polaski
Learn how to make a simple origami cat face and get tips for adding extra features to your paper cats. 
By Helen Polaski
Action photography gets easier and easier with each new improvement to cameras. Here are some action photography tips to get you started.
By Greg Viebranz
The rules of billiards have a lot of variations, but this basic set of rules applies to almost every game. 
By Dachary Carey
For much of human history, the boat or ship was the most technologically-advanced means of travel. For a young person who had likely never traveled farther than he or she c...click here for more.
By Elton Gahr
Tatting supplies are fairly easy to obtain and inexpensive, making tatting, which is a lace-making technique, a wonderful and rewarding hobby.
By Alice Langholt
The history of blackjack is spotty, but the bulk of research conducted into the origins and evolution of the game tends to agree that blackjack was first developed in Franc...click here for more.
By Grace Alexander
It's not hard to learn how to make homemade glycerin soap and it's is a fun project that will produce perfect gifts for friends and family-beautiful, clear homemade bars of soap!  
By Rachel Mork
Birthdays provide the perfect opportunity to learn how to make your own birthday cards and it's so easy. 
By Helen Polaski
You need the right calligraphy supplies to create the fine lines and precise strokes that define this style of writing. These include high-quality pens, nibs, paper and ink.
By Vickie Ferguson
When you make your own knitting loom, you will be opening a door to creating many, many more exciting knitting projects. 
By Laura Evans
Today, most scrapbook papers are acid-free and lignin-free, but always check to be sure. Scrapbooking paper that is acid-free and lignin-free will hold color well and should last for generations.
By Helen Polaski
Origami crafts aren't just about creating simple creatures or designs from origami paper. There are dozens of other interesting origami facts, including those that have broken world records and left historians stunned.
By Rachel Krech
Plastic comb binding is perfect if you expect to make frequent revisions to your documents. Plastic comb binding is easy to remove, unlike other types of bindings that can require separate machines for removal.
By Laura Evans
Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing and the anchor for this creative art, the sewing machine. Sitting at this machine can take you away in a dream of creativity, hours that you will treasure as you sew to your hearts content. There are a variety of sewing machines on the market and I would not begin to recommend one over another.
By Rebecca Mikulin
If you want to design your own wood carving patterns, take a good look at existing patterns before creating your own. Pay attention to how pattern designers depict depths of cuts and positioning of patterns right on the patterns themselves.
By Rachel Mork
To get the most from your free photo editing tools, decide what you want from your digital photo editing programs and focus on a few features. In the end, you may decide you want one set of free photo editing tools for editing images, and another piece of software for sharing and organizing.
By Dachary Carey
There are two main types of velobind machines, one that uses heat, or "hot knives," to bind the plastic strips together and one that operates by snapping the tines into a receiving strip. 
By Laura Evans
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