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Art pastels combine powdered pigment with binder and are packaged in an easy-to-use stick form.
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Classic board games provide the same family fun that they used to in the days before the Internet.
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Need something to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day? Try these homemade clay recipes, which you can whip up with items that can be found in any kitchen.
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A dollhouse is a magical miniature version of a larger house, real or imagined. Like a full-sized house, the dollhouse cannot sit as an empty shell with unfurnished rooms, ...click here for more.
Fender guitars aren’t just a source of amazing music. They’re valuable, collectible works of art marking the years in music history.
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If you are a quilting beginner, a quick hand quilting how-to may come in handy.
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Making greeting cards is a great hobby that doesn't cost a lot of cash. Make your own greeting cards with these tips on paper selection, design and embellishments.
By Helen Polaski
Walk into any antique show in the Southwestern United States, and you are likely to see at least one booth filled with colored glass, especially purple glass of varying shades, from almost clear to a deep purple that still maintains some transparency.
By Laura Evans
If you know how to make a yo-yo quilt, you can yo-yo to your heart's delight.
By Laura Evans
The most popular tie dye projects are probably colorful T-shirts, but almost any garment or fabric can be tie dyed. It is easy to make a scarf or shawl to enliven an outfit...click here for more.
By Janet Grischy
Kite flying is a springtime activity for enthusiasts of all ages. Here's how to get airborne.
By Julie Knapp
Want a brief chess history? Variations of chess have been played for thousands of years, but the history of chess we play today developed in the 15th century in southern Europe.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Collecting antique perfume bottles is a cherished hobby of many who enjoy antiques. Get started with a few basic tips.
By Laura Evans
Needle tatting is a simpler form of tatting that uses a needle rather than a shuttle to complete the work.
By Alice Langholt
As an antique dealer, I am frequently asked questions about how to find the value of antiques, especially for pottery and glassware. How are antiques priced? What qualities or characteristics determine antique value?
By Laura Evans
There are many reasons to choose to learn how to crochet granny squares when you're learning to crochet. They use a relatively small number of stitches, which makes them ideal for a beginner. They're also very portable.
By L. Lee Scott
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