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Popular Articles
When you learn how to build a model car, you'll realize that it's more complicated than it looks. Here's how to get started.
By Rebecca Frank
Scrapbook backgrounds, whether textured or smooth, plain or intricate, set the theme of each scrapbooking page. Taking the time to plan your scrapbooking background so that it creates balance with the layout, as well as the main photo, will be well worth the effort.
By Helen Polaski
Learning how to fold an origami butterfly is your first step toward starting a paper butterfly exhibit in your own home.
By Maeve Rich
Here are four tips to help you make the most of your new home scanner.
By Philip Lop
Learn a few of these smart Scrabble cheats, the ones that the experts secretly rely on, and you'll soon catch a whiff of the sweet smell of victory.
By Lisa Bower
The designing power behind Josef Originals, from all of the cute animals to the charming dolls, was Muriel Joseph George, a resident of Southern California.
By Laura Evans
You have probably seen a handful of magic symbols without knowing what they mean. Learn their history.
By Cheryl Bowman
Chinese kites are artworks even before they take flight. Learn how to make one with these simple steps.
By Julie Knapp
Learning techniques for changing colors in crochet will allow you to create intricate designs in multiple colors.
By Rebecca Mikulin
There are many important candle making instructions to following when creating these fun home accents. Container candles are candles that are made in nonflammable containers, where the candle is not intended to be removed from its container.
By Denise Oliveri
You haven't been making bicycle necklaces out of jewelry wire? What decade have you been living in?
By Laura Evans
Photography lighting techniques are essential for turning out quality photographs.
By Maeve Rich
All too often, science is thought of as lofty concepts with no connection to real life. Models help to make scientific concepts concrete, tangible and memorable. Towards th...click here for more.
By Ernest Capraro
Beginner needle felting instructions are easy to follow with some simple tips and tricks. The most important instruction is to watch your fingers!
By Laura Evans
Learning the best model car building tips and tricks will help you create a beautiful and long lasting model.
By Rebecca Frank
Simple dollhouse miniature projects can put even the most modest crafting skills to good use in the dollhouse.
By Laura Evans
Learning how to tie dye jeans is a great way to make your old pieces of clothing new again.
By Lisa Bower
DIY silk screen printing can be a fun craft at home, but you'll need a big workspace and the patience to deal with this sometimes messy process.
By Kristen Oliveri
You need the right calligraphy supplies to create the fine lines and precise strokes that define this style of writing. These include high-quality pens, nibs, paper and ink.
By Vickie Ferguson
Here are a few instructions for how to play Chinese Checkers to get your game ready for competition.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
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