Simple Bead Crafts for All Ages

Even beginners and children can create impressive looking bead crafts while enjoying the process. Here are a few simple bead crafts for all ages.

Beaded Photo Frame
Start with a wooden picture frame that features a flat finish. Paint craft glue onto the frame with a foam brush. While holding the frame over a tray or sheet of newspaper, pour tiny seed beads over the frame. Continue until all areas of the frame are covered with beads. Let the glue dry before you add your favorite photograph to the frame.

Beaded Key Chain
This bead craft is super easy-instead of thread or beading wire, you'll use a pipe cleaner as the base. Attach the pipe cleaner to a key ring by folding it over about 1 inch and wrapping it around. Then string pony beads onto the pipe cleaner in whatever color pattern you desire. When you get to the end of the pipe cleaner simply bend it over the last bead.

Beaded Napkin Rings
Start with a piece of PVC plumbing pipe from the hardware store that measures 1 ¾ inches in diameter and 1 ½ inches tall. Cover the piping with a colored ribbon-dab craft glue on the pipe and wrap the ribbon around, slightly overlapping with each rotation. Next, you'll need 6 inches of beads for each napkin ring, so plan the pattern before you begin. String them on a 6-inch length of stretchy beading cord. Then tie the ends together with a double knot. Stretch your beaded section over the middle of the wrapped tube and put a dab of glue under a few beads to hold everything in place.

Beaded Bookmark
Choose a 17-inch length of double-faced satin ribbon that's 3/8 inch wide. Tie a knot 1 inch from the end and thread 3 to 5 beads on from the other end. Tie another knot at the top of the beaded section. Now, measure and mark 10 inches down from the opposite end of the ribbon. Tie a knot at that point. String on a few more beads and secure the end with one last knot.

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