Simple Jewelry Beading Projects

Start with these simple jewelry beading projects to help you learn the craft. Even if you don't have a lot of beading experience, you can make some stunning pieces of jewelry. 

Spiral Wire Bead Ring
Easy does it when you only need one bead to create your ring. Select one gorgeous handmade Rondell shaped bead sized to stand out on your finger. This will be the centerpiece of the ring. Make sure the hole is large enough to accommodate 2 pieces of 18g wire. The rest of the ring will be made with 1 foot of 18g soft wire. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to shape the wire around a dowel that matches your ring size. Wrap it around twice and leave the ends long. Now put the bead through the two ends and bend the wire at a right angle on top of the bead. Wrap the wire into a small circle, continuing the spiral until you've reached a size you like. Bring one end of the wire down on either side of the ring and warp them around to the base, then tuck the wire ends down to secure.

Pendant Necklace
Choose a quirky or beautiful charm to serve as the focal point of this necklace. Then, gather enough beads to fill out the rest of the length. Start by cutting a piece of beading wire to match the desired length of your necklace. String the pendant on first. Next string an even number of beads on each side of the charm. To keep things simple and keep all eyes on the charm, stick to one color or style of bead. Finally, attach one half of the clasp to each end of the wire using crimping beads and a pair of pliers. Trim any excess beading wire to complete the necklace.

Drop Earrings
Choose a selection of three beads to hang from each of these dangling earrings. You'll also need two headpins and two ear hooks. Place your beads onto the headpins in matching patterns. Use flat nose pliers to bend the headpin at a right angle, ¼ inch from the top of the beads. Next, use round nose pliers to curl this piece around to create a loop at the top of each earring. Slip the ear hook through the loop and use the pliers to close the loop, securing the ear hook to the beaded portion.

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