How to Make Chunky Bangle Bracelets

If you want to make chunky bangle bracelets to glam up your wardrobe, you can do so at rock bottom prices. Bangle bracelets are so much fun because they add zing to your outfit. There are many ways to make your own bangle bracelets, but these three are the most common.

Wire bangle bracelets
You can make these chunky wire bracelets as wide or narrow as you desire. Invest in a pair of wire cutters, a pair of needle nose pliers, large metal beads and several rolls of wire of different colors. Use the beads to camouflage ends and wrap several strands of wire together, twisting and wrapping the various wires to create a unique bangle bracelet you can layer or wear alone. Most people create individual segments of the bangles from three pieces of wire twisted together, then twist the various segments into a true bangle bracelet. Make sure to twist the ends and tuck them into beads so you don't have scratchy edges.

Wooden bangle bracelets
Buy a set of plain wooden bangles at a craft store. Use stickers, wallpaper, newspaper clippings, pages from books, dried flowers and fabric to wrap and decorate the bangles. Spray with clear spray paint or decoupage the bangles. You can spell out favorite words or sayings, or you can decorate with random images and colors. Make sure bangles dry completely before wearing.

Plastic bangle bracelets
Buy a few pieces of PVC pipe just the right size to fit on your wrist loosely. Using a saw, slice the pipe into rings. Wrap the pipe pieces with fabric or paper, then decoupage the pieces using premade decoupage liquid. Allow bangles to dry completely before wearing. 

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