Simple Beaded Bracelets Projects

Simple beaded bracelets are a great way start learning how to make beaded jewelry. A single line of beads is easy to create and even easier to customize. You don't have to know any fancy techniques or complicated knots, you just have to know what kind of bead bracelets you want to create.

Basic bead bracelet
To make a basic beaded bracelet, you simply measure a length of string to fit a little loose around your wrist, with a little extra length to help tie the bracelet off. Decide if you want to simply tie the bracelet closed in a knot or use a clasp. Place the clasp or knot at one end of the string. When you're finished beading, tie another knot to close the bracelet or add the other side of the clasp.

Single string bead bracelet
To bead a single string bracelet you just slide the beads onto the string in the order desired. You can create plain bracelets with beads of the same size and color. Or you can make things a little more complicated by mixing up the beads sizes and colors.  Try two small dark beads, one medium light bead, one large dark bead, one medium light bead, and two small dark beads as a beading pattern.

Double string bead bracelet
Measure two lengths of string to fit around your wrist, with a little extra to help tie the bracelet off. Slide a bead over both strings, bringing them together. Next, slide five small beads on each single string. Bring the strings together again and slide a bead over both. Repeat this pattern to create a neat in and out effect. Try a large lapis blue bead with five small, light blue glass beads in a repeating pattern.

Triple string bead bracelet
Measure three lengths of string to fit around your wrist loosely, with a little extra to help tie the bracelet off. Slide three beads together over all three strings. Now separate the strings and slide a bead on each string separately. Bring the strings back together, slide three beads over all three strings. Repeat the process to create thick and thin pattern.

Braided string bead bracelet
You'll need to measure three lengths of string about 1 and 1/2 times as long as you need to fit around your wrist. You can create the braid one of two ways. You can first bead each string, and then braid the beaded string together. Or you can braid the string, slip on a bead, braid and bead to create a chain effect. You may need to knot the string after each bead and before starting to braid again to keep things in place. 

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