How to Make String Bracelets

Learning how to make string bracelets is a popular trend, and not just with teens and -tweens. Moms also love this inexpensive craft that they can enjoy with their daughters. An entire packet of 36 skeins of 6-strand embroidery floss costs about 4 bucks.

Making string bracelets requires time, practice and a little bit of space. And don't forget accessories such as small beads, shells or buttons. Make sure your accessories are tiny, though, as a string bracelet is quite thin.

You can make a variety of bracelets with many different types of knots. One of the simplest string bracelets, and perhaps the one best suited for beginners, is a simple knot bracelet. You can add beads as you knot the floss-or not-and the end product is always beautiful. Here's how to get started:

  • Choose 2 different colors of floss. (Or use the same color. Using different colors will create a two-tone look.)
  • Measure the length from your elbow to the tips of your fingers, and cut the floss to that length. It will be the perfect length for a bracelet for you. However, it may not be the perfect length for someone else. If you are making a string bracelet for someone else, measure her arm-elbow to fingers-instead.
  • Cut 2 strands of each color of embroidery floss to the exact measurement. You should end up with 4 strands.
  • Hold the strands together so that the ends are even, and then tie a half knot or overhand knot at one end. To tie this knot, create a circle and then push the strands through the circle and pull tight. Or, if you want to use a fastener rather than tying on the bracelet, tie a half knot or overhand knot near the end of the string, push the string through a hole in a bead and then tie another half knot tightly after the bead has been added. You can also simply begin tying the knot you will use in the bracelet.
  • Next, you'll need a safety pin and a crafting pillow. To avoid getting poked, do not ever use a pillow that is used on a bed or on furniture to lay on or to sit on. (If you always use a crafting pillow for this step, rather than a bed pillow, there will never be an occasion when you end up getting poked with a safety pin, which can be dangerous.) Push the safety pin through the knot at the end of the bracelet and then pin it to the top of the pillow. Doing this helps you keep the threads from tangling and allows you to pull the knots firmly as you go.
  • Separate the 4 strands so that you have 2 in each hand. Tie simple knots, as if you were tying your shoelaces, minus the bunny ears. Continue tying knots until you get to a point where the bracelet fits loosely about your wrist. (Make a pattern as you go by adding beads after every 4 knots or so.)
  • Create another half knot or overhand knot to finish the bracelet.
  • Remove the safety pin from the pillow and from the bracelet, and place it somewhere safe to use for your next string bracelet project.

Once you have perfected this string bracelet, you can move on to braided string bracelets and then work your way into fancier knots and fancier designs.

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