How to Make Yarn Bracelets

If you know how to make yarn bracelets, you can add to your own jewelry collection and give creative presents to your friends and family.

How to Make Yarn Bracelets: Bangles

You can recycle old bangles for this project, preferably made of wood.

Start by placing the end of your yarn, about one-half inch or so, horizontally across the inside of the bangle. Then, wrap the yarn tightly over the end to hold the yarn in place. When you wrap the yarn, make sure that the yarn is not only tight around the bangle, but placed tightly against each other.

You can change yarn colors as you please. Simply tie the ends of the two colors of yarn together on the inside of the bangle and continue to wrap.

To finish, poke the end of the yarn under, over and under some of the last loops and pull tight, again, on the inside of the bracelet.

How to Make Yarn Bracelets: Braids

If you know how to braid your hair, you can make this type of bracelet.

Cut three strands of yarn, perhaps in different colors. These strands should be 24 inches long.

Tie the strands together at one end and tape them to a table.

Simply braid the strands together until the strand is long enough to be tied around your wrist. Tie the remaining yarn ends into a knot next to the braid. Then, trim the ends to the length that you desire and tie the bracelet to your wrist.

How to Make Yarn Bracelets: Twists

Take a piece of yard and wrap it around your wrist to find out how long your finished bracelet will be. Then measure the length and multiply that number by four to get the total length of yarn you will need for your bracelet. So, if your bracelet is going to end up being six inches long, you will need 24 inches of yarn.

You will need a minimum of two strands of yarn for this bracelet. The more strands, the thicker your bracelet will be and the more colors, the more eye catching the bracelet will be.

After you have cut your strands to your desired length, tape the ends down firmly to a table. Start to twist. Keep on twisting until the yarn feels like it won't twist anymore.

Get both ends of your yarn into one hand. Hold the middle of the twisted cord in the middle with a finger from your other hand. Let go of the ends of the yarn. The yarn will twist up onto itself. Then, tie the ends together and trim the ends of the yarn.

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