How to Make Spoon Bracelets

There are few more highly personalized bracelet ideas than making spoon bracelets. Nothing says individuality like wearing your own silverware. As surprising as it may seem, though, spoons can actually make rather lovely silver bracelets. There are two main types of spoon bracelets: whole spoon and spoon handle.

Whole spoon bracelet
A whole spoon bracelet is simply a bent spoon. The spoon handle wraps around the wrist with the spoon bowl covering the top of the wrist. The lovely design already on the silverware serves as the only decoration you need.

How to make a whole spoon bracelet
To create a spoon bracelet, find a metal spoon, preferably silver. Your bracelet will get covered with dents if you use a hard surface, such as a hammer, to shape the spoon. So make sure that you use a rubber mallet to bang the spoon into shape. You want to bend the spoon forward, so that the bowl faces down into the skin, not up like a little cup. You can leave the spoon bowl curved or flatten it slightly with the mallet.

Begin your spoon bracelet by hammering the metal spoon around a round shape, such as a hard ball or metal pipe, to start the curve. It takes some trail and error to shape the bracelet perfectly. Hammer the spoon a little more into shape and then see how it fits around your wrist. Make sure that once shaped, you can still slide the bracelet on and off your wrist.

Spoon handle bracelet
Spoon handle bracelets are slightly more complicated to create than the regular bent spoon bracelet. This style of jewelry cuts off the spoon bowls and uses just two handles, a hinge or wire and a clasp to create the bracelet.

How to make a spoon handle bracelet
You'll need a metal cutting device to make a bracelet using only spoon handles. Try using a small drill to cut it off and metal file to smooth the area down. Bend two spoon handles to each fit over half of your wrist. You'll need a small drill to make holes in the handles and attach the hinge and wire to each bracelet on one side, the clasp on the other. Try dangling a single bead off the hinge or wire to add a little decoration to the bracelet.

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