How to Make Clip On Earrings

It's possible to make unique jewelry pieces for clip on earrings for yourself or to give as gifts whether you've never had your ears pierced or you want to reduce the pressure on your pierced ears. With some basic jewelry materials and tools, you can make clip on earrings that are just as beautiful as pierced earrings.

To get started, you'll need to locate two clip on earring finders. This is the base of the earring. Jewelry craft and beading stores will sell both screw-on findings or hinge clip findings. Choose your preference and color. You'll also need a small jump ring for each piece-that's the small ring that connects other pieces together. They should also match the color of the earring findings.

For the decorative part of the earring, you'll need two head pins, lightweight decorative beads and spacer beads. The decorative beads should be made of lightweight material, because if the material is too heavy, it could pull the clip on earring right off your ear.

To make the clip on earrings, set up the materials for one earring in front of you. You'll need a clip on earring base, one jump ring, one head pin and whatever beads you desire. You'll also need a pair of round-nose jewelry pliers. Play around with the beads on the head pin until you get the design and spacing that you like best. Leave about one bead's worth of space at the top of the head pin.

With the pliers, bend the top of the head pin into a loop that is not quite closed. This will keep the beads on the head pin and also gives the decorative part a place to hook on to the clip on earring base. Set the head pin aside and locate the clip on earring base and jump ring. Open the jump ring and hook it onto the loop located on the clip on earring finding. Close the jump ring with the pliers. Now, hook the head pin loop onto the jump ring and close the loop with the pliers. Repeat with the other earring materials, ensuring the beads match the first one.

When you are finished making the clip on earrings, don't forget to sterilize the part that touches the ears with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Try the earrings on to test the weight and fit of the clip on earrings. 

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