Earring Designs for Sensitive Ears

On sensitive ears, earrings can cause three types of problems: Irritation because of trapped bacteria, weight of the earrings or sensitivities to the metal. Generally, the more precious the metal, the less chance of irritation. If you clean earrings well in an ultrasonic cleaner or with alcohol but still experience irritation, you are likely allergic to the metal.

Those with sensitive ears should avoid screw-back earrings -- a breeding ground for bacteria because they trap oil and hair in the closure. Instead, create earring designs with push backs. For maximum comfort when wearing studs, leave some space for the skin to breathe instead of pushing the earrings back all the way against the ear lobes.

Earrings with ear hooks are a good choice for sensitive ears, as long as they are not too heavy. However, you will need to keep hairstyle in mind when looking at earring designs for sensitive ears. Any hair that is not short gets in the way of dangling earrings. If you have sensitive ears and wear long hair down, stud earrings would be the best design choice.

Keep the weight of your materials in mind because heavier earrings are common concern for sensitive ears. Long earrings do not necessarily have to be heavy if you know which metals to work with. From among the metals used in earring designs, according to the atomic table, titanium has the lowest weight. It is followed by niobium, silver, rhodium, platinum and gold.

The purer the metal in earring designs, the less chance of irritation for sensitive ears. There are exceptions. however, as people can be allergic to even the most precious metals. Niobium and rhodium earring designs are gaining in popularity because they seem to work well even for super-sensitive ears. From common metals, silver is the least precious, followed by gold and platinum respectively.

A different earring option for sensitive ears is a magnetic design. While magnetic earrings are popular body jewelry to simulate nose and lip piercings, you can easily embellish small magnets to create attractive earring designs for even the most particular individuals.

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