Essential Supplies for Handmade Earrings

As beading sweeps the nation, more women are taking up this rewarding and inexpensive hobby to create handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Not only do women get to create and wear things of beauty, the jewelry makes special gifts for loved ones as well. Most beginning beaders start by making earrings, as it gives them experience in using the tools and materials needed for larger projects.

While experienced jewelry makers acquire a variety of tools and materials to craft exquisite pieces, the beginning beader can get started making handmade earrings with a few essential supplies for handmade items. As the beader progresses in her craft, she can accumulate more materials, as well as convenient storage items.

A jewelry maker needs a few essential tools. A pair of jewelry pliers is essential and they are also often called needle nose or chain nose pliers. They come in various sizes, but a standard size will do for most beginning projects. Wire cutters are also essential for a jeweler's beginning kit.

The materials that string, support and otherwise hook the parts of a jewelry piece together are the hardware. A beginning jeweler's kit should have earring findings, head pins, eye pins, jump rings and stringing cord.

The eye-catching designs, colors, textures and features of beads make them the star of the jewelry making show. Beads come in a wide range of materials, from wood and glass to plastic and metal. A complete bead supply should also include spacer beads-these are plain small beads that frame larger beads and set them apart from each other.

Without adequate storage, the essential supplies needed for handmade earrings could get lost, scattered or damaged. Especially for the beads, a secure storage case is essential. Most beaders have handy compartmentalized boxes that store a variety of beads, as well as all the supplies.

There are several ways to get the essential supplies for handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Many stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, sell jewelry making kits to get started. Often the essential supplies can be purchased for less in a kit than if you were to buy each piece individually. 

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