How to Make Earrings for Beginners

You can learn how to make earrings in just a few minutes with some basic jewelry equipment, beads of your choice and a sense of style. Once you get a small collection of beads and materials, you can expand the type of jewelry you can make at home.

The first step is to assemble the needed materials and a jewelry making tools. Gather two head pins, which look like long, thin nails, and two ear wires, which are the hook part of the drop earring that goes in the ear hole. You'll also need six to eight decorative beads as well as a few spacer beads-small plain beads that offset the showy beads-to make earrings. The only tool you'll need to make your own earrings is a pair of round nose jewelry pliers.

Play around with the different beads on one head pin. Different colors, patterns, sizes and textures can combine to create one-of-a-kind designs. Whatever pattern you decide, be sure you have matching beads for each earring. Leave about one large bead's worth of spaced at the top of the head pin.

With the pliers, bend the end of the head pin into a loop. First, bend the wire out at a right angle from the beaded section. Then, bend the wire to create a small loop; the end of the wire should almost be touching the top bead. Be sure to leave a small space, so you can slip the beaded head pin onto the ear wires.

When you've prepared two identical beaded head pins, get ready to put them on the ear wires. Simply slip the loop of each beaded head pin onto the bottom circle of the ear wire. With the pliers, gently press the head bead loop end so that the circle is closed and the beads will not slip off. Your earrings are finished, but always sterilize them with a little rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab before putting them into your ears.

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