How to Make Your Own Magnetic Earrings

Powerful magnetic earrings are the secret behind getting the look of pierced ears without resorting to tell-tale clip on earrings. For jewelry that you can make at home, don't count out magnetic earrings. As long as you can find the right magnetic findings (earring base) with strong magnets, you can use that as a foundation for hundreds of unique designs.

There are several different varieties of magnetic earring findings. Most have a powerful magnet that makes a connection with a disc or square made of metal. The front piece can also come with a small loop to attach jump rings, which are small metal rings that connect pieces of jewelry to each other, thereby opening the door for everything from chandelier earrings to drop earrings. Decide what kind of earring you wish to make and purchase the appropriate magnetic findings.

For magnetic earrings that will resemble studs for pierced ears, look for a magnetic base with a square or circular front. Then, it's just a matter of choosing the style for the front. Some lovely items to use for the front of magnetic earrings are faux gemstones, silver filigree, small seashells, pewter animals and even whimsical plastic figures, such as buttons or hearts. Use jewelry adhesive or even super glue to affix the item to the base. Let it dry completely before wearing.

For those seeking to create some kind of drop earring using magnetic findings, look for a set that has a small loop or hole in the front part. This will allow you to attach a jump ring to a chandelier finding, or even attach a beaded and looped head pin to create stunning earrings held on only by magnetic force.

Make a simple drop earring using magnetic findings by gathering two head pins, an assortment of beads and two jump rings. Don't forget your round nose jewelry pliers. Thread the beads onto the head pin in the order and pattern you want. Bend the end of the head pin into a loop, but don't close up the loop yet. Repeat with the other head pin, ensuring the earrings match. When you are ready to attach the earrings to the metal front of the finding, either secure it directly to the loop or use a small jump ring to attach it. Close the loops with the pliers and test your new drop-style magnetic earrings.

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