How to Make Bottle Cap Jewelry

Want to learn how to make bottle cap jewelry? Bottle cap jewelry is a fantastic fit for anyone who wants an accessory with a little funk. The materials are cheap and easy to find. If you happen to use capped bottles, the main material is basically free and fun to recycle. This makes bottle caps great for anyone learning the basics of how to make jewelry.

To make bottle caps into jewelry, you need some way to attach the cap to the main piece. The two best methods for attaching are to wind wire as a frame for the cap or to punch a hole in the cap so it can be strung. For winding wire, you simply need the appropriate jewelry wire. To punch a hole in the cap, you need a nail and hammer. You can also use other hole making devices, such as a small hand or power drill.

All you need to do to create your own jewelry is to punch a hole in the top of your bottle cap, then string it to a piece of jewelry. This will make a simple piece of bottle cap jewelry. You don't need to stay simple, though. Bottle caps are just like beads, and can have just as many uses and be just as versatile.

You can paint your bottle caps to make them a perfect fit for any color scheme. You can use clay, paint or paper to decorate the inside of the cap, creating a picture with frame look. You can hammer the bottle cap flat, making it into a flat bead or medallion. You can pair the caps up, so that they make a round bead with flat ends. If you're particularly talented with metal cutting, you can even cut shapes out of the middle of the cap.

The easiest project for someone learning to make bottle cap jewelry is a single bottle cap pendant necklace. The necklace project style can be modified for any look, but this particular example is made with a Gothic look in mind.

To start your Gothic themed, bottle cap necklace, use a nail and hammer to make a hole in the top of the cap. Paint the bottle cap jet black in front, and leave the silver inside bare. Use a white paint pen to draw a skull on the cap. String the cap from a thin, black leather string. Tie the string closed and your necklace is finished. 

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