How to Make Resin Jewelry

If you want to learn how to make resin jewelry, it's not only a great way to create unique and fun gifts for family and friends, it's also a rewarding hobby. Jewelry making isn't only about slipping some beads around string or bending metal. Making resin jewelry-where a material called resin is used as a varnish or adhesive to create jewelry with a glass-like appearance-is a creative alternative for those who want to make stunning, yet inexpensive pieces of jewelry.

Collect Your Resin Jewelry Accessories
Before you begin making resin jewelry, you will have to make sure you have all of the necessary jewelry making materials. You'll need resin mixture (like Envirotex Lite, which is also called EL), small items to use in your collages, scissors, a container for mixing, a bottle dropper, matches or a lighter and rice or sand. 

How to Make Resin Jewelry Collages
First, assemble your materials. Lay out your supplies on a table and begin making small collages with materials that include anything from bottle caps to magazine cut-outs to yarn to pieces of fabric. You don't want your work to be too large. Remember that you will be wearing these pieces, so choose a size that is based on yours or your recipient's tastes. Once you've finished your collages, make sure you've used your glue sparingly, so that when you use your resin, your work doesn't move.

Take a pan or box and pour in some rice and sand. Arrange your collages and make them as level as possible. When your collages are level, mix your resin according to the brand's instructions. No matter what type of resin you use, be sure to mix it for at least two minutes. Your resin should appear bubbly and thick. Once your resin is ready, pour it into the bottle dropper.

Pour your resin mixture into your collage pieces. If you pour the mixture so that it is under the rim, your work will concave as it dries. If you fill it so that it is above the rim, your pieces will form a domed top when the jewelry has finished drying.

If your work has bubbles, the bubbles should disappear after two to five minutes. If they are still present, you can blow on the resin to pop the bubbles. Stubborn bubbles can be popped with a match or lighter. Just hover closely over the top and the bubbles should pop.

You should allow your resin pieces to sit for a full day before touching them. Now that you have your resin pieces, you can drill, nail, wire or even glue them to earring posts or other basic jewelry components.

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