Jewelry Making Tools

To take it to the next level and make pieces good enough to sell in stores, you'll need some basic jewelry making tools. The more tools you have, the more jewelry making choices you will have available to you and the better your products will be.

Purchase Wire Cutters
If you're making jewelry with wire, you'll need a wire cutter to cut your desired length of materials. Flush cutters are smaller than some heavier cutters found in hardware stores. Double flush cutters can give you an even cleaner cut of wire than regular side cutters.  However, if you decide to work with thick wire or non-traditional materials, you may want to invest in a pair of hardware wire cutters. Files are used for smoothing the wire, especially once it's cut.

Understand Your Pliers Choices
Pliers are a basic tool used in jewelry making. Jewelry making pliers are a bit smaller than the variety typically found in hardware stores and most have padded handles to make intricate work easier. There are several types of pliers you can choose from, but your choice will depend upon the kind of work that needs to be done.

Round-nose pliers have rounded jaws and are used for shaping loops into the wire. Chain-nose pliers - where the inside of the jaws are flat and the outsides are rounded - are especially good for gripping wire tightly. Flat-nose pliers have jaws that are narrow and flat and are used to bend, hold and flatten wire. Crimping pliers are used to close crimps tubes, which is handy when you are finishing beading with wire. Bent nose pliers aren't generally used by beginners, but they are especially good when wrapping wire.

Additional Jewelry Making Tools
Once you have your wire, you'll want to shape it. A jig is a flat surface with holes where pegs can be inserted. Wire can then be bent or shaped around the pegs. Mandrels are used to shape and size jewelry like rings and bracelets. Ring mandrels usually come with etched ring markings. 

If you're making necklaces and earrings, you'll want to invest in clasps, which are used to hold a necklace or bracelet together. Consider purchasing ear posts, or the backs of earrings, as well. Having these objects on hand makes jewelry making that much easier.

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