Making Wire Jewelry

Making wire jewelry is not only a great hobby for yourself, but it's a great way to make presents and gifts for the people you love. When making wire jewelry, you'll want to be sure you know your options and have some of the necessary jewelry supplies needed for your project. Before you know it, you will be creating wire bracelets, wire rings, wire bangles and a variety of other wire jewelry and you can save yourself some money too.

Collect Your Basic Jewelry Supplies
When making wire jewelry, you will need to assemble the right supplies. You'll need metal wire, which is sold in gauges. Thinner wires have a larger number of gauges. Think about the look of the necklace you want to make and whether you need thick (strong) wire or want a more delicate look. If you plan on using beads with your wire, you should purchase metal head pins. These blunt-ended pieces of wire hold beads onto the wire. Memory wire is wire that holds a circular shape. This wire will stay on the wearer without a clasp. You just need to cut your desired length of wire, string on some beads and bend the ends of the wire into a loop.

Assemble Your Tools
When working with wire, you need the right tools. Circular, tapered jaw pliers-round nose pliers-are great for twisting and bending wire into desired shapes. Flat jaw pliers-chain nose pliers-are especially great for gripping the wire. Pliers with ridges can ruin your wire, so you'll want to look for pliers with smooth inner surfaces. If you want to shape your wire into intricate shapes, buy a jig. These small boards have holes and pins in them, so you can bend the wire around them.

Get creative with the types of beads you use. The key to working with wire jewelry is practicing with different gauge wires and different kinds of beads to see which combinations are the most pleasing to you. Bending the wire is easy after some practice, and once you have experience with the materials, the jewelry making process will be a breeze.

Creating a Basic Wire Necklace
Cut your wire to your desired necklace length. Allow extra length for the end clasps of your necklace. Make a loop on one end with your round nose pliers. Place your beads on the wire, following the wire jewelry design you have decided upon. Once you place the beads on the wire, cut the wire, leaving enough wire to create the finishing loop. You can choose to add metal spacer beads, which blend in with the wire and also add some space to the wire jewelry design.

You can now attach a length of chain with a jump ring or just connect the chain to the loop you created in the beginning steps. Use these jump rings to attach the clasps to the end of the chain. You can get as creative as you'd like by experimenting with different types of beads and spacing designs. Have fun!

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