How to Make Wire Jewelry

Learning how to make jewelry out of wire can take a few minutes or a few years, all depending on just how elaborate you want your creations to be. Making wire jewelry uses the same basic principles found in all jewelry making. You'll need the fundamental materials, fundamental tools and some fundamental patience. Nobody creates something perfect on their first try, especially if working with wire is new to you.

Obviously, you're going to need an assortment of wire to create wire jewelry. You want the wire somewhat flexible, so that you can shape it, but not flexible enough that the shape can be ruined by basic wear and tear.

The strength of your wire will be determined by the material, such as copper or silver, and how hard it is. The strength will also be determined by the thickness of the wire, also known as the gauge. It might seem backwards, but remember that the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. The last strength determining factor is the shape of your wire, such as square, oval, round and half-round.

When it comes to making wire jewelry, be prepared for needle nose pliers to become your new best friend. Different people have different opinions on which type of pliers works best, but most agree that bent nosed pliers always come in handy.

Pliers give you a greater ability to utilize and shape the wire for jewelry making. Have at least one pair of large pliers and one pair of small pliers to aid in you. This way you can make almost any kind of jewelry, from delicate, wire-wrapped, beaded necklaces to thick, knitted wire bracelets.

You also need some quality wire cutters to start making wire jewelry. If possible, get together a jewelry making box and add a ruler, clamp, polishing cloth and jeweler's file. You'll also want some basic clasps to hook together your anklets, bracelets or necklaces.

Take about 10 inches of thin wire and prepare your patience. Slowly coil the wire into a spiraled circle. Take 3 inches of thin wire and twist it to the top of the large circle. Now coil the short wire into a spiraled circle. You now have a modern-looking, spiral pendant for a necklace. 

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