How to make a love potion necklace

Its that time again. Your child's birthday is here and no clue what to do to make this the special day. If it is a girl how about having a necklace making party.  There are many options, but making a love potion necklace is very easy and can be made at beading parties anywhere. Here are a few of the supplies that will be needed.


  • mini message bottles
  • thin nylon cord(on the spool or individual)
  • ends to close
  • strong glue
  • small beads(really small beads)
  • needle nose pliers

 First of all take the mini bottles and fill them with the beads. You can even add some glitter too if you want to. Then glue the cork top into place. press it down all the way until it is even with the plastic bottle. There should be a corkscrew looking thing on top of the cork, so slide it onto the thin nylon cord. Cut it down to the right size for each child. Then, put a dab of glue on the end slide the closure onto it, then clamp it down. Repeat for the other side. Believe it or not that is truly how simple it is.


Most of these items can be found at any simple craft store. Hobby Lobby is a great one that has just about any kind of craft materials. Also the nylon cord can be bought on a spool, and cut to the length needed. Now if these are younger children making this craft, their are nylon cords with the clasps already attached. Their just are so many different ways and looks that can be used. For instance ribbon could be used instead of the nylon cord. Even dog tag chain could be used. This is one of the very popular ways to do things today. It seems everybody loves any kind of dog tags


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