Crocheting For Fun and Profit


What a fun project when you start Crocheting an afghan, pot holders or bedspreads. All of these can be done as for fun, gifts or money making ventures. Everyone likes something homemade, especially when it comes from a family member.  This is something that any family member can do and is a great activity to share with young children. 

The word Crochet means ?'hook?' which is what you will be doing when you purchase your first skein of yarn and Crochet needle. Needles are made from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum and wood. Steel needles come in sizes ranging from 00 to 16 while aluminum needles range in size from B to S. 

The needle size is very important. The larger the number or letter indicates the larger needle. All patterns indicate the proper size of needle to should be used. The size can vary one or two levels, but it is best to stay with the pattern suggestion. Needles are usually found in three different measurements. They are USA, English and metric. For instance a USA needle number N is 00 in English and 9.00mm in metric.   Some pattern instructions will indicate USA while others will use metric.

Unlike knitting needles, Crochet needles have a hook at one end and sometimes at both ends, depending on the pattern being used. When crocheting it is only necessary to use one needle, while knitting requires two. Some of the most common Crochet stitches are the Granny Square, pineapple, seed, shell, star, flag and Newport. All of these stitches are popular and have instructional booklets at your local crafts store.  Reading a Crochet pattern can be confusing and difficult if you are not familiar with stitches, needles and the abbreviations. For instance, Ch means chain, Sl st means single stitch, Dc means double Crochet. Other instructions may include Inc which means increase (add one or more stitches) and Rep means repeat. Most patterns have these instructional abbreviations included in the instructions. Getting instructions or taking lessons is usually a good idea before purchasing a large amount of supplies. 

The yarn is extremely important. Yarn is measured by weight with 0 being the thinnest and 6 being the thickest. Be sure you are following the pattern suggestion for the best results.  

Many useful items can be crocheted. Things like Afghans, baby bibs, holiday coasters, shawls, bookmarks, doilies, place mats and pot holders can be made over a period of an afternoon or for a special occasion. There are many more items that make great gifts.  The art of crocheting is a great physical and mental activity that results in a prize for anyone who receives it.   

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