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Following a few basic tatting instructions will have you creating beautiful pieces of art before you know it. Tatting is a fiber art that commonly uses a shuttle and cotton thread to make lace.
By L. Lee Scott
Beginners crochet projects make it easy to apply your hard-won crocheting skills.
By L. Lee Scott
How to Crochet for fun and profit.
By sfm
Making swatches of crochet stitches is a great way to test the outcome of a stitch before beginning any new crochet project.
By HS Schulte
There are many reasons to choose to learn how to crochet granny squares when you're learning to crochet. They use a relatively small number of stitches, which makes them ideal for a beginner. They're also very portable.
By L. Lee Scott
Crochet stitches are easy to learn and master. Here is a list of the most common with a helpful crochet stitch guide.
By L. Lee Scott
Love those elaborate crochet tablecloth patterns made by experienced crocheters? Here's a simple version that you can easily adapt to any table size.
By Jenney Cheever
Crochet yarn comes in many more varieties than even the most savvy crocheter might have guessed.
By L. Lee Scott
The crochet waffle stitch is a basic pattern that you can learn after mastering the rudiments of crocheting.
By L. Lee Scott
Crochet and Knit caps, scarves, or mits can bring you extra money this holiday season by participating in craft fairs or holiday expos.
By Katrina Ruth
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