Simple Crochet Poncho Instructions

Using these simple crochet poncho instructions will let you create a warm coverup in just one weekend. If this is your first crochet project, you may want to experiment with needle sizes and yarn weights on a smaller project, such as a hot pad, until you get the hang of it. While it may appear obvious that different size needles and different yarn weights will produce different results, until you have actually worked with the needles and yarns it's hard to get a real feel for which needle works best with which yarn and design.

How to Crochet an Adult Sized Poncho
The directions below are given in abbreviated crochet terms. Ch means chain, sc means single crochet and dc means double crochet. This pattern will let you make a very simple poncho that was popular in the early 1970s. Though the poncho is extremely simple and slightly old-fashioned, it is also exceptionally warm and makes a bold statement whenever and wherever it is worn.

One word of warning: The fringe is very long and tends to get in the way. To modify the poncho, you may wish to use a lighter-weight yarn and shorten the fringe slightly. To create a little flower-power for this vintage item, add crochet flowers along the bottom of the poncho, just above the fringe.

Make 2 pattern pieces.

  • ch 84
  • turn
  • sc 83 and ch 1 additional ch to turn; repeat this step until you have crocheted enough rows to create the desired width
  • fasten off the yarn
  • crochet 2 identical pieces

Crochet the 2 pieces together by first forming the letter L. One piece will make up the top of the letter the second piece will make up the base of the letter. Crochet the patterns together where they meet. Then take the end of the base and attacheit to the inside of the top of the L.

To create the fringe, wrap yarn around an 8" piece of cardboard.  Cut the yarn on 1 end.  Hold about 6 pieces of yarn together in 1 hand. Hold the yarn near the first stitch. Press the hook into the hole from the opposite side and pull the yarn through. Knot the yarn. Repeat this process until fringe has been added all the way around the bottom of the poncho.

This poncho is equally beautiful if the stitches used on the pattern are sc or dc.

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