Dictionary of Macrame Knots

There are many different types of macramé knots to consider when learning this fine art of knotting. Here are a few examples of the variations you can choose from. These will start you off if you want to make macramé jewelry, bracelets or decorative fixtures.

Button Square Knot: A type of knot used when creating macramé plant hangers or used when making macramé bracelets. Start out with three square knots and then continue to thread filler cords from the working end back through the middle of the filler cords before the first. The filler cords are pulled tightly until a ball shape is formed. Tie a square knot below the base of the button to complete it.

Decorative Knot: Used while making jewelry or for specific knots like Celtic and Chinese. These two techniques go perfectly with handcrafted jewelry and precious gems, such as semi-precious stones, pearls or crystals. These knots tend to be complex and may take a while to master.

Double Half-hitch Knot: This knot is made by creating two half-hitch knots one after another. Begin by making a half-hitch knot. Make a second half-hitch knot directly beside the first. Pull the knots tightly.

Half-hitch Knot: Position one cord across your work area (pin down so the cord doesn't move). Fold another cord in half and form a loop over the unmoving cord. One end of the looped cord is brought over the stationary cord and the other end is carried under. The end of the cord that was carried over the unmoving cord is now brought under the stationary cord and pulled over the loop that was originally formed. Pull the cords tight.

Half Knot: One of the most basic knots to create.  A half knot is a basic knot, starting with four strings. Take your right hand cord and place it over the two core cords (the middle ones) and then place it under the left hand cord. Now take the left hand cord and bring it under the two core cords again. Put it through the loop formed by the core cord and your right hand cord. Pull through to secure the knot.

Overhand Knot: One of the most frequently used knots in macramé. Begin by making a loop with your cord. Bring one end of the cord under and through your loop. Pull the knot tightly.

Square Knot: One of the most basic knots to create. Build off of the half knot to create the square knot. Take your right hand side cord behind the two core cords and bring it over the left hand cord. Take the left hand cord and place it through the right hand loop by going over the core cords and pull through.

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It's not difficult to learn how to macramé with a few helpful tips. Macramé is the art of decorative knotting to create such things as art and jewelry. The word macramé was derived from an Arabic word meaning -fringe.'

These macramé instructions for making a one- or two-knot keychain are for the beginner. As the crafter becomes better at macramé, she can easily create her own style through use of different colors, thicknesses of macramé cords and macramé beads.

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Creating macramé jewelry is an easy way to ease into the art of knotting, while also making something that's practical and fashionable at the same time.

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