Instructions for Easy Macrame Belts

Macramé belts can be created after learning to master a few simple macramé knots. Once you've gathered the basic supplies and follow these helpful macramé belt instructions, you'll be able to make beautiful belts that you can wear and dress up. Macramé belts are trendy and make great gifts for friends and family.

Supplies You Will Need:
Macramé cord
Mount-board (Can be spongy, or cork board)
A belt buckle
Gems or jewels (optional)

Knots You Will Need To Know:
Square Knot
Alternating Square Knot
Reverse Lark's Head
Double Half-Hitch

How to Make a Macramé Belt
Cut four seven-yard cords (length is determined by how long you want your belt to be). Fold each cord in half and hang the looped end over your belt buckle. Create a reverse lark's head knot on the belt buckle to secure the cords to the buckle. With your eight strands of cord, separate them into two sections of four cords each. Think of the four sections as A, B, C and D. Take the A cord, cross over the B and C cords and under the D cord. Then cross D over B, then C and ending with A. Tighten the knot. Repeat this process four times.

Make a staggering knot, which is when you tie another square knot below the first two, using the center strands.  Simply repeat the steps above with a staggering knot to follow four times. Continue five more times for double square knots. Take the two outside cords and form a reverse lark's head knot on the left and right hand sides.

Continue to make double square knots until you reach the end of the belt. Once you're finished, trim the excess cord from the belt to complete it. If you wish to dress it up, you can add beads or gems to your design.

Macramé Belt Resources
There are many library books or craft books you can find at local bookstores to help you with your macramé belt process. If you want to create an elaborate belt that goes beyond the beginner levels of macramé, some are more stylized and challenging. You might also consider taking a class teaching the basics of macramé.

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