Using Advanced Tie Dye Patterns

Once you learn how to twist and dye, it's logical that you'd want to learn or experiment with more advanced tie dye patterns. We all know the tie dye spiral, but did you know there's a pattern to put pleats into fabric? You can tie dye shirts, bedding or even a pair of shoes with these fun and advanced techniques. The more you practice, the better you'll be, and the more methods you can try and master.

Creating Tie Dye Pleats
One tie dye pattern you can fold into your fabric is pleats. Lay the fabric flat and place both of your thumbs together. You want to position your fingers an inch or two in front of your thumbs so that you can pinch the fabric to raise up a fold. Continue pinching the pleats until you are at the end of the fabric. You can alter the direction of the folds if you want by gathering more fabric in one hand than in the other. Take rubber bands and tie tightly around the pleats.

Making Fun Tie Dye Shapes
The diamonds, ovals and squares folding technique is another great tie dye method to try. Take your fabric and fold it once horizontally or diagonally. Take a pencil and lightly draw the intended design. Use the crease you made with your first fold as the base for this design. Keep the end of your lines in the center of your hands and start to pleat the fabric. Wrap rubber bands around the gathered pleats and tie tightly.

Experiment With Supplies
Once you've learned these advanced techniques, try experimenting with different tie dye supplies. Branch out from colored dyes and try using bleach. Bleach tie dye is a great method to use for darker fabrics that wouldn't take well to colored dyes.

Additionally, you can create batik tie dyes, an involved form of dying that uses tape to mark off where you do or do not want fabric dyed. If you want to produce images like hearts and peace signs, use duct tape or some form of sturdy tape to mark these images.


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