How to Make a Rag Rug

Every crafter should know how to make a rag rug. You can use almost any type of material to construct a rag rug. However, keep your fabrics within the same general family because each material group shrinks differently.

Weaving Rag Rugs
You do not have to have a loom in order to weave rag rugs. You can easily make a frame yourself. Just nail together four pieces of wood that are at least one inch thick. If you make your own frame, the frame's size will dictate the size of your rug.

Hammer a nail into your frame half an inch to the left of the upper right hand interior corner. Continue to hammer in nails at one-half-inch intervals until you reach the corner on the left side. Do the same process on the bottom of your frame, starting with the lower right hand corner. This is where you will be running your warp line, the line that runs vertically through your rug.

Get your rags and cut them in one-inch widths. Cut in smaller widths if you are using heavier fabrics and wider widths for lightweight fabrics. Sew the ends of the strips together at a 45 degree angle and cut off the excess corner triangle. Make each strip about four inches longer than you want your rug to be when finished.

For your warp line, cut your fabric in one-half-inch widths and sew together as above. Calculate the approximate length that you will need based on how large your frame is. Tie the fabric onto the upper right nail. Then, run the fabric down to the nail directly below it. Wrap the fabric under the nail and then pass over to the nail next to it. Run the fabric up to the nail directly above it. Then take your strip over the nail to the nail next to it and run it down to the nail below. Continue to do this until finished. Tie the end to the last nail, making sure that the continuous warp line is taunt.

Run a one-inch strip over and under each warp line, making sure that each strip has an even tail on both sides. As you add another strip, push the woven fabric strips tightly together. You want to have the woven fabric to be as flush as possible with the upper and lower warps so that when you take the nails out, the rug will be finished on the two warp sides.

Sew the sides with a running stitch and finish the warp's beginning and end. Cut the tailings to your desired length, making sure not to come too close to the rug itself. You now have a wonderful rag rug.

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