Bracelet Weaving Instructions

In order to make a unique bracelet for yourself or friends, there are a few simple bracelet weaving instructions to follow, and there is a plethora of supplies you can choose from. A few popular ones are lanyard bracelets, rope bracelets, and embroidery bracelets that can be made by either knotting or braiding. Many bracelets are distributed among people as a sign of friendship and also serve as a great craft during summer camps and after school activities.

What You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread
  • Masking tape

Mount: Must be something firm, like a table top

Basic Bracelet
To make a simple bracelet start with your embroidery thread and cut six strands to 30 inches or longer. You can switch up the colors or the embroidery thread if you wish to avoid confusion and make a more colorful creation. Tie the six strands together at the top, and then tape the knotted end of the strands to your mount or tabletop to secure it in place.

Next take your first strand on the left hand side and wrap it over and around the second strand and pull to create the knot. Then repeat the knot once more. Now take strand three (after dropping the second strand) and wrap the first strand over and around the third one and pull to make a knot. Repeat this again to create a second knot. Continue the same pattern on each strand until you've completed your first row. Your original strand will wind up being the last strand on the right. Continue making new rows until the bracelet is finished. Tie a knot at the end to secure it and your strand bracelet is ready to wear.

You can also make knot bracelets from hemp or string. One other type of knotting bracelet you can try is easy and only needs two strings. You can choose to use lanyard, different colored rope or embroidery thread. Think of this type of knot as tying your shoelaces. Take the two strands and tie a knot at the top. You can tape the knotted end to a mount and then take one strings and pull it over and around the second. Continue to alternate and repeat until you've reached your desired length for a bracelet. Then just knot it at the end to secure your finished product. To create a lanyard bracelet, follow the same instructions and switch up the colors if you so desire. 

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