Weaving Methods

Weaving is one of the oldest forms of art and industry. Many weaving methods employ the basic over-under intertwining of fibers. The weaving methods used determine the textile that is created. Weaving methods are as diverse as the weaver themselves.

Finger weaving

This non-loom weaving process is one of the oldest weaving methods. It is commonly used to create long thin textiles for belts, straps and other types of sashes. Developed and still used in the Native American culture, finger weaving creates patterns to denote anything from clan status to social class. The most basic of the finger weaves is called diagonal weave, though more complicated patterns like chevrons, arrowheads and lightning bolts can also be created.

Tablet weaving

Tablet or card weaving is a simple method that requires a piece of cardboard or other board. Threads are wound around the board as the warp. Weft string, thread or other fiber is then woven over under pattern via a needle and thread. The tablet weaving method is the simplest way to get the feel of weaving and is often taught to children. You can produce many forms of woven textile from plain weave to the fluffy rya style of weaving with this method.

Loom weaving

Thanks to advances in technology, the frame loom was made faster and simpler by the invention of the flying shuttle. This eliminated the need for the weaver to bend back and forth over the loom. Textiles could be created more quickly and easily. There are a vast number of loom types these days that can create a variety of weaving methods.

Whether you are finger weaving a simple sash or reviving the ancient art of chilkat weaving, there is weaving methods to suit you. Weaving is one of the most satisfying art forms as the creations are not only beautiful but also useful.

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