Cool Card Tricks

These cool card tricks take a bit of practice, but once you learn them you're guaranteed to mystify your friends and family.

Cool Card Trick #1

Have a participant pick a card from a deck of cards. As the card is being picked, bend or crimp the bottom card of the deck with your little finger. You are going have to be able to feel where this card is in the deck in order to pull this trick off without the crimp being so big that others notice it.

Ask the participant to put the chosen card on top of the deck. Cut the deck to bury the card. The chosen card will now be beneath the crimped card. Next, ask the participant to cut the deck. In fact, have the deck passed around the room so that a couple of other people can cut the deck.

After the deck is cut a few times, take the cards back. Find the card that is crimped with your thumb and locate the card underneath it. Now, be deliberately clumsy. Let the cards on top of the chosen card, including the crimped card, spill to the ground. You can also drop all of the cards except the chosen card.

Either way, it will be dramatic.

Cool Card Trick #2

You, too, can bend a card by using your mind alone! Well, not really, but it sounds good.

While no one is particularly paying attention, rub some water on the back of your hand below your knuckles. Then, make the grand announcement that you have mind skills beyond all and will bend a card using only the grey matter between your ears.

Pick up a card across the width and bend it down slightly. Place a card horizontally where you watered your hand. Gently press the card flat across the hand. The card will bend naturally as it absorbs the water on your hand.

The cheaper the card is the more dramatic the results will be. Expensive cards have more lamination and will absorb less water.

Keep the patter going as the card bends.

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