Fun Card Tricks for Kids

Card tricks for kids will help your children to "wow" their friends, and yes, you, too!

Fun Card Tricks for Kids: Trick #1

Make a card disappear!

Before you perform this trick, get a card from the deck that you will be using. Take the toothpick and cut it so that the toothpick matches the width of the card that you chose. Then, insert the toothpick into the handkerchief hem, making sure that it won't come loose. Return the card back to the deck.

When you are ready to perform the trick, grab your deck of cards and spread the cards onto the table in a loose pile.

Tell your audience that you are going to make a card disappear. Put the handkerchief on top of the pile, toothpick side down. Pick up the toothpick edges with one hand and lift the handkerchief from the cards. It will look like you are picking up a card to your audience.

To make the card disappear, dramatically tell your audience that the card has disappeared while you wave the handkerchief around to show the audience that the card is "gone."

If you practice this before you try it on a crowd, the trick will look much better.

Fun Card Tricks for Kids - Trick #2

Make a card move out of a deck!

Take the deck of cards that you have just shuffled. The card that the participant picked should be facing you, with the back of the deck of cards facing your audience. Hold the deck with your thumb sticking up over the top deck on one side and three fingers curled around the cards on the other side, with your little finger supporting the card deck below the three fingers.

As you are positioning your fingers and the deck, slide about one-third of the cards down to rest on your little finger, with your other hand. The audience shouldn't be able to see this.

Wave your hand over the cards. Then, start to tap the top of the cards with your index finger of your free hand. As you are doing this, use the little finger on that hand to move the bottom card slowly up until you can pull it from the deck.

This trick is all about angles and should be practiced repeatedly before it is performed.

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