Simple Card Tricks for Kids

Simple card tricks are just the thing for your kids who like to play with cards.

Simple Card Trick: Vanishing Ace

Before you start this trick, pull all four of the aces from the deck. Put the ace of diamonds into a pocket. Place the other three aces on the bottom of the deck, with the aces of spades on top of the ace of hearts and the ace of hearts on top of the ace of clubs. When you are ready to do the trick, bring the deck of cards out and place it face up on the table. You should be able to see the ace of spades.

Now, announce to your audience that you have the ace of spades and put it into your left hand face out. Hold the card out to the audience so that the focus is on the card, not on the deck. As they are looking at the ace of spades, announce that you have the ace of diamonds. Pick up the ace of hearts and put it behind the ace of spades so that the audience can't see it. Then, pick up the ace of clubs as you tell the group what you are doing and put it behind the ace of hearts.

Now comes the first part of the illusion. Fan the three cards open, but have the two black cards cover enough of the ace of hearts that you cut the heart into a diamond shape. Practice this before you perform the trick the first time.

Next, put all three of the aces face down on the table. Ask someone in your audience to cut the deck in half. Place one of the aces on top of one of the piles and close the ace inside the deck. Ask two other people to cut the deck to bury the other aces, so that all three aces mixed in with the other cards. You can also cut the deck yourself.

Ask another person to shuffle the deck. Tell the person to hold onto the deck. Now, get dramatic. Grandly touch the deck. Pretend that you are taking a card in your hand and putting it into your pocket, informing your crowd that you are taking an ace from the deck. Don't tell them that it is the ace of diamonds.

Now, have the person holding the deck look for the three aces in the deck. The participant will not be able to find the ace of diamonds because the ace of diamonds is in your pocket and has always been in your pocket. Take out the missing card with a flourish.

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