Easy Card Tricks

Easy card tricks can still be impressive. Here are two card tricks to try that you learn quickly and still look like a magician to your friends.

Easy Card Trick #1

Before you perform this trick, you are going to stack your deck of cards. Choose any suit from ace to ten. Pull these cards from the deck and place them in order from ace to ten, with the ace on the bottom. Then, put these cards back on the bottom of the deck.

Before your audience, partially fan the deck out on a table, face down, leaving those bottom cards together. Ask a participant to pick a card without showing you what the card is. Then, hand the participant the deck, asking him or her to place the card on top of the deck.

Next, ask the participant to cut the deck and bury the card. Then, have him or her flip the deck of cards over so that you can see what the top card is. Then, ask the person to cut the deck again. Have the participant keep on cutting the deck until one of the cards from the suit that you chose pops up on top.

When your suit card shows, ask the person to turn the pack face down on the table. If the card that popped up was an ace, your participant's card is one card down. If the card was a two, the card will be two cards down, and so on. Tell the participant how far down chosen card is in the deck and have the spectator get the card.

Don't forget to practice your patter as well as the trick before you perform for the first time. Remember to insert a lot of drama to increase the tension as the card trick progresses.

Easy Card Trick #2

In order to perform this trick, you need to know how to double lift cards. This is a process of pulling up two cards at once when the audience only sees you as pulling up one. Follow this if you are right handed. If you are left handed, reverse the process.

Hold the deck of cards in your left hand, face down, across the width of the cards. Your palm will be facing up. While still holding the deck with your left hand, place your right hand across the deck horizontally, with your right thumb at the bottom of the deck.

Using your right thumb, press up the top two cards, bending the corners slightly and pushing forward. You will now have the top two cards in your hand to show the audience, but your audience will see the second card. It helps if you bend the cards inwards towards your palm a little to keep the cards together.

After showing the audience the top card, put both cards back down on the deck. Take the real top card and bury it in the deck. After waving your hands and tapping the deck, the top card magically appears…on top.

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